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Case Study - Petting Zoo


Case Study| Petting Zoo Company

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This is a case study on a mobile Petting Zoo company and their new website with an organic online marketing strategy. Our Client knew a search engine friendly website generates organic search traffic and more sales leads. However, the owner was initially hesitant about the initial cost of organic online marketing.

Their old website looked okay but it wasn't making them any money. Just because a website looks nice, doesn't mean it will make money. You can follow this link to get an idea of what their old website looked like. In this case the old site was a tear down, as the site architecture was not suitable for SEO (search engine optimization). The owner decided to go organic as they already learned a valuable lesson; a pretty site without SEO does not deliver any return on your investment.

The one big advantage we had was the Client was in a low competition market online. Their competitors basically had no idea when it came to design navigation and online marketing. We knew if we built the site properly the Page 1s would roll in.


Their new website has more visual pop than the old site. We added sales lead features to generate more leads and reduce the barriers to sale. Conversions on the old site were almost nonexistent. The new site was the complete reverse with much higher traffic to sales conversion ratios. We simply gave their customers more contact options.

We laid out the Client's services and options in a clear and simple to understand format. strong>Optimized content was created to ensure organic traction in the search engines. Their new website immediately started producing tangible results and organic traffic took off faster than expected. A little over a year down the road and our Client has increased their sales by well over 200%.

We taught our Client how to analyze their website traffic and the basics of SEO. Our Client learned the basics of online marketing, as their website gained traction in the organic search engine results. Our Client now has hundreds of Page 1s and a steady stream of new sales leads.

This was a fun project and their new website has increased their revenues dramatically. Many of the owner's business associates advised against going organic due to the higher initial cost. A year later the critics have been silenced by the obvious positive results. You can't argue with success.

Results - Client Comments

In a year our Client has increased revenues by over 200% and they have numerous Page 1s in the organic search results. They now dominate their online market and it looks like this year is already well on the way to another banner year. Here are a few comments from the Client on LeadHQ organic online marketing:.

As a young entrepreneur and small business owner I found my company struggling financially. My previous Web site was appealing to the eye but did not get me results. I was not being found by potential customers on the search engines. Having a service I take pride in is very rewarding, but it was frustrating that it wasn't going anywhere because customers weren't finding me

In order to stay in business it was time to reach out for assistance in marketing. Having very little computer skills I was unaware of how this was to happen. The only company that took the time to explain to me the importance of SEO was Lead HQ. They were more expensive than the others but I was tired of people who made promises that never happened. They also went well above and beyond the role of a regular web design company, assisting me in directions of other forms of marketing as well as the business skills that my company was falling behind in.

Within a couple of months of launching our new site I had numerous page 1's and my phone started ringing more. Every month my traffic is increasing and since the new site my new clients have more than doubled.

I thought they were expensive at first but I took a gamble. Looking back it wasn't much of a risk. These guys get results and they are building another site for me for another company I purchased. LeadHQ literally helped me turn my financial situation for the positive.

If you want better quality leads and more of them, then give us a call and find out how we can help you increase your online sales and bottom line.You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on organic online marketing.