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Sales and Marketing


Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing is a general term to cover a diverse range of techniques, processes and tools to increase sales.LeadHQ has experienced professionals who have decades of experience in sales and marketing.

Marketing is influenced by a customer's sales channels. Selling goods from a physical location or online requires different marketing techniques than generating sales leads online for services or high ticket item markets like car sales.

Sales marketing also covers physical and online sales processes to increase revenues. In the case of brick and mortar companies this includes the entire sale process from the moment a customer walks in the door. The main goal here is to streamline the sales process so it is more efficient, has shorter sales cycles and higher sales conversion rates.

Sales Marketing Experience

LeadHQ marketing has professionals with decades of experience in sales and marketing. Our expertise spans from print to optimized SEO. We provide marketing services for customers with local, regional and national markets. We know sales and marketing.

We base our marketing strategies on research and facts. There is no such thing as a one size fits all marketing plan. Every company has different target markets and challenges when it comes to sales and marketing. We focus on customer demographics and other research to analyze what their customer wants. We then research further to come up with a strategy that will target and motivate customers to buy.

How Marketing and Sales really works

We usually start with 5 critical questions before formulating a sales and marketing plan:

  • What are your target customer demographics - age, gender, company type, etc

  • What type of geographic market is being targeted - local, regional, national, international

  • What are the customers wants, needs, preferences and desires?

  • What are the prime motivational factors that influence your customer to buy?

  • What are your sales goals?

  • Once we have the answers to these questions we know what makes your target customers tick. We can then come up with the right combination of marketing and sales tools so you can meet or exceed your sales goals. You will be surprised at how little the cost difference is for quality with LeadHQ sales and marketing.

    Give us a call and see how we can increase your bottom line. You can also schedule a free consultation on sales and marketing.