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LeadHQ offers numerous services foroptimized online marketing and sales. We have a proven track record of optimizing revenues for companies marketing and selling their products and services online. Our online marketing and sales can put you back on track to increasing your revenues online. There are many reasons why LeadHQ can increase your online sales and boost the foot print of your online marketing.

LeadHQ delivers sales results you can put in the bank. Many of our customers have doubled and tripled their revenues with our optimized online marketing. We have financial services companies converting 78% of the leads they receive online. We have customers in highly competitive online markets that have seen their sales leads increase tenfold. On the right are just some of the tools and services we offer to increase revenues with our optimized sales and online marketing.

Online Marketing

Online marketing brings in more traffic or potential customers. Every company has unique customer demographics, geographic markets and competition online. There are four basic types of online marketing strategies that can be used to increase your traffic and website presence online.

You can buy traffic with PPCs, or Pay per Clicks. There are numerous PPC online tools such as search engine ads, YouTube ads, banner ads, etc. The down side of relying solely on PPCs is the traffic disappears when the budget runs out for the monthly paid online marketing.

Organic Traffic . A search engine friendly website is a powerful tool for free organic traffic marketing. However, unlike PPCs, it takes skill to get a website at the top of the organic search results on the search engines. The downside is a higher initial cost, but the upside is free long term organic traffic that has a higher sales conversion rate.

Organic and PPC Marketing Combined. Many new websites use an online marketing strategy of using PPCs, while their search engine friendly website gains traction in the organic search results. Once the organic website gains traction then the PPC marketing budget can be gradually reduced. This strategy creates consistent high quality traffic in a shorter time frame.

Social Media. There are many pros and cons of social media marketing. Results can be phenomenal for some companies while a disaster for others. Some products or services being sold are not cost effective with social media marketing.

Online Sales

Generating traffic is only half of the equation for online marketing. In order to increase revenues a website must convert online traffic into leads or sales. Optimized design, navigation and sales conversion techniques will boost conversion rates for sales. Converting a higher percentage of online traffic into sales is the goal of successful online marketing.

If you want to increase your online sales then you should consider LeadHQ. We have the expertise to increase your sales and revenues with free organic traffic. We have created thousands of organic Page 1s and our websites come with high traffic to sales conversion rates. Find out how LeadHQ can increase your online sales with a call, or schedule a free no obligation consultation on sales and online marketing.