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Case Study - Financial Services 2


Case Study|US Financial Services Company

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This case study is on a US financial services company and their organic online marketing strategy over 2 years with LeadHQ. Their success in organic search results and sales conversions make a real good case for organic online marketing. Instead of wasting resources on old strategies like sales cold calling, their website now delivers a steady stream of organic leads. Revenues are up and part of their success is due to organic online marketing.

Their old website was bringing in a low volume of mediocre sales leads and the company knew it was time for a change. You can follow this link to get an idea of what their old website looked like. Our Client is a national US commercial collection agency that provides a wide range of credit and collection financial services. They had steady growth using traditional methods and PPCs but times were changing and they wanted to attract more commercial business with organic online marketing.

Their parent company had already experienced phenomenal success using our organic online marketing so they knew going organic was the only way to go. They had already seen our results and it was time for a fresh optimized organic website.

We probed for any ideas they had for their new website. Our instructions were simple, do whatever you think will work. We took their confidence as a challenge and started researching their online competition to figure out what strategies to incorporate into their organic online marketing.


Market research is often over looked when it is actually one of the most import steps in online marketing. In this case we knew our Client wanted to pull in CFOs, business owners, credit executives and other contacts looking for commercial collection agency services. Basically we found the online competition was different versions of the same old thing. We realized that we had to provide content that would pull in our Client's target customers. The one thing we did know is that the target contacts were looking for information. We analyzed the customer demographics further and found our solution.

Companies with accounts spread throughout the US need to know the relevant State regulations and laws that affect their ability to collect. We have extensive experience in the financial services industries so we created a directory of State laws and regulations for each state, as our Client is national. For many customers our Client's website is a reference source and explains why so many people constantly come back. Of course their website is fully optimized and they now attract a diverse base of organic traffic.

We also incorporated other optimized features from other industries to boost traffic to sales conversions. For example: The target market contacts are busy people with packed schedules. We provided a form for potential customers to schedule a phone call from our Client at a time that is convenient for the customer. Our Client did notice that the schedule leads were usually requested by larger volume customers.

Our Client adopted a long term strategy and we still add new content every month. The search engines are hungry for new quality content and they reward websites accordingly. With the new sales conversion features our Client has a year over year 200% increase in monthly sales leads. In addition, the lead quality is far higher than with the old site.

Overall we used a strategy of optimized design, content and navigation to increase organic traffic and sales conversions. With new content every month the organic traffic steadily increases and every month they pick up more organic Page 1s. Just to get the same volume of quality with PPCs would literally cost thousands of dollars every month. Our Client gets their organic traffic for free and organic listings are displayed 24/7 in the search results.

Results - Client Comments

We had a new site built for our US agency and optimized a year ago. Traffic and leads have steadily increased and we have picked up some very large commercial clients.

Just keeping up with the constant flow of leads no longer leaves any time for cold calls. Not a bad problem to have. Our business has grown substantially since then and the consistent organic leads and phone calls have definitely contributed to our success

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