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Case Study - Used Vehicle Sales


Case Study| Used Vehicle Sales

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This is a case study on a Used Vehicle Sales company and the results of their new optimized website over a 2 year time period. LeadHQ utilized optimized web design and an organic online marketing strategy. They now rely on organic search traffic that generates consistent quality sales leads. Here is how we helped our Client get to the next level with organic online marketing.

Our Client was referred to us by another one of our online marketing Clients. Their used vehicle sales company had a template type website to display their inventory. Their website had a few organic Page 1s on the search engines and organic traffic was minimal. You can follow this link to get an idea of what their old website looked like.The owner was already very savvy on internet marketing and realized it was time to go organic.

Our Client relied on PPCs (Pay per Clicks) to drive traffic to the old website. However, the traffic to sales conversion rates were far below the industry standards. It should also be mentioned that the used vehicle sales market is extremely competitive for key terms. Some key terms in the used vehicle online market are over one hundred dollars per click. Their old website simply was not conducive to optimization so they needed a brand new website with organic architecture.

Our Client knew that the higher costs of building a search engine friendly website were a long term investment. He knew the value of generating organic traffic plus the fact that organic traffic has a higher sales conversion rate.


We were already familiar with the used vehicle online market. We also knew that our Client's geographic market is probably the most competitive used vehicle online market in Canada. The organic Page 1 search results in their market are dominated by websites built and run by SEO (search engine optimization) pros. With such high organic competition levels we knew we needed a long term organic online marketing strategy.

We used on page and off page optimization on their new website. The vehicle inventory was optimized to be search engine friendly so the search engines could index individual vehicles. A couple of years ago only custom built websites had optimized inventory. Today it is more common, as car dealers realized that optimized inventory attracts targeted organic traffic with higher conversion rates.

Optimized informational content was added to give the site organic traction. We added sales conversion features that were ground breaking at the time but are now common. We added numerous conversion features such as scheduling a test drive, requesting a car history report and other tools to encourage the customer to act.

We built a powerful database driven website to handle their inventory and sales leads. We also cut API interfaces so our Client could move inventory to various car directory sites. We eliminated the need for duplicate and manual entry for a more seamless user interface.

We made sure the transition from the old site to the new site was mapped correctly for the search engines. New content was added on a monthly basis and their new website started gaining traction in the organic search results. Over the last two years the Page 1s just kept coming and they now have hundreds of organic page 1s for money ball key terms.

Money ball key terms refers to key terms or phrases that are very expensive to buy positioning with PPCs. Competition is fierce between the car dealers, as these key terms generate a lot of traffic and most important, they make money.

Traffic and sales leads have grown consistently and they continue to grow at a steady pace. Traffic to sales lead conversions is far higher than the industry standards. Our Client continues to sell and finance a larger volume of used vehicles every month.

Results - Client Comments

Today, our Client is a dominant player in their market on the organic search engine results. Compared to their old site our Client has seen their sales leads go up by more than a thousand percent. They now get a steady stream of high quality organic traffic that would cost thousands and thousands of dollars to buy with PPCs.

Here we are 8 months later and I'm now literally getting 10 times the amount of leads I did with the old site. Our conversions statistics are way above the industry standard. The old site just had a few Page 1s. Now it is hard to keep track of the Page 1s. Also, most the Page 1s are on the key terms that actually make money or as you they define it, money ball key terms.

Our old site just wasn't doing the job and I was tired of dealing with web guys who know less about SEO than I do. Leads were minimal on the old site and the sales lead conversions just weren't happening. Going organic cost us more initially, but the consistent leads have more than paid for the extra cost. We like dealing with LeadHQ because when it comes to results these guys deliver. They can actually do what they claim.

Want better quality leads and more of them? Give us a call and find out how we can help you increase your online sales and bottom line.You can also schedule a free no obligation consultation on organic online marketing.