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Picking Website Colour Schemes


Picking Website Colour Schemes

Picking website colour schemes for a new website can be a big challenge for some people who aren't good with colours. Choosing the right combination of colours is essential and an important decision for any new website. Below you will find tips that will save you time when picking website colour schemes.

Many companies already have an established colour scheme for their logo and promotional material. This info is intended for companies with an established colour scheme looking to change their colours, or companies picking their first colour scheme.

Base Colour

All colour schemes start with a base colour. The base colour is the nucleus of website colour schemes. There are numerous free colour programs and charts available on the Internet. One of the best free colour pickers is the Adobe Kuler Colour Wheel . This free online colour picker is a great place to start for beginners. This program will save you time finding the right base colour for your website colour scheme.

Every colour has a HEX code. The HEX code number tells web browsers exactly what colour should be displayed on a user's computer screen. After finding the right colour make sure to note the colour Hex number. After choosing what base colour you want, we can help you pick out the rest of the colour combinations. Or, simply play around with the colour wheel and find the right combination for your website colour scheme.

Colour Schemes

Website colour schemes can really make a website POP with the right colour combinations. For those colour savvy people who want to pick their own colours, just experiment. There is a wide selection of free colour wheel websites available on the net. There are also other inexpensive colour scheme design programs you can buy to create your ultimate website colour scheme.

It should be mentioned that the colour with the most display problems is the colour yellow. On some computer screens yellow just doesn't display cleanly and looks washed out. If one of the colours you want to use is yellow, then it is preferable to use it sparingly. It takes trial and error to nail down website colour schemes.

Colour Psychology

When picking website colours keep in mind that colours relay a subliminal message to end users. Here are some emotions and the psychological influences associated with each colour:

  • Red: Danger, Stop, Negative, Excitement, Hot
  • Green: Growth, Positive, Nature, Organic, Go, Comfort
  • Dark Blue: Stability, Calming, Mature, Trustworthy
  • Light Blue: Masculine, Cool, Young
  • White: Honest, Pure, Clean, Tidy
  • Black: Serious, Heavy, Death
  • Orange: High Energy, Emotional, Positive, Organic
  • Brown: Earthy, Wholesome, Organic, Unpretentious
  • Purple: Royal, Youthful, Contemporary, Higher Quality
  • Pink: Warm, Youthful, Feminine, Friendly
  • Yellow: Caution, Emotional, Positive, Energy
  • Gray: Integrity, Neutral, Cool, Mature
  • Gold: Conservative, Stable, Elegant

  • Choosing the right Colour Scheme

    Helping you choose the right colour scheme is included with all our website packages. We understand the importance of finding the right colour scheme to enhance the image your company wants to project. If you have any questions about colours give us a call or schedule a free consultation on website colour schemes.