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Website Maintenance


Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is similar to car maintenance. Take care of your website and your website will take care of you. LeadHQ offers monthly web maintenance packages or you can pay as you go. Do not fall into the trap of building a website and expecting it to run smoothly and efficiently forever without regular website maintenance. The web is constantly changing and evolving. Organic search engine rankings are sure to drop without regular monthly website maintenance.

Proper web maintenance is important to attract and keep customers. Consistent maintenance on your website is also important for long term organic search engine ranking. Below is a list of the periodic and monthly checkups that are part of proper website maintenance:

Website Maintenance Checklist

Browser Compatibility: Technology and software are constantly evolving. Internet browsers in particular are updated and constantly changed. All major browsers and devices should be checked for website compatibility monthly. If one of your customers mentions a browser compatibility issue it should be addressed immediately.

Forms-Checkout: Test all your website forms, newsletter sign-ups and checkout processes, if applicable, to make sure everything is working properly. Software updates can cause some features or functions to stop working properly on your website. Ideally, these elements should be tested weekly as part of your monthly website maintenance.

404s, Broken Links and: Broken links and 404s should be fixed promptly. Broken or dead links interrupt the sales process. Website visitors will tolerate the odd broken or dead link. However, more than a few dead links shows your potential customer that you don't take care of details and they leave your website.

Website Content: Do not let your website content get stale and boring. Search engines and people need fresh quality content. The search engines reward websites that add new content every month. To increase and maintain organic search engine rankings this is the most important part of monthly website maintenance.

SEO Maintenance: Search engines are constantly changing so the SEO may need to be updated as well. The search engines are the judge and jury of organic search results. SEO is constantly evolving and SEO techniques that were okay years ago are now penalized. SEO maintenance should be part of any proper website maintenance.

Website Loading Speed: Website pages should be tested to make sure they still load quickly and properly. People do not have much patience for a website that takes too long to load in their web browser. The lower the age of your target customer, the faster they will move past your website.

Website Backups: Daily backups can save you a lot of grief should your website get hacked or a website server breaks down. There are litanies of things that can cause a website to stop working properly. LeadHQ includes daily backups with our hosting and monthly website maintenance.

LeadHQ Website Maintenance

Every Client and website is different with different needs. LeadHQ offers monthly website maintenance packages with our websites and our web hosting. Ready to make the jump to the next level? Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on our packages for website maintenance.