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Langley Web Design

When targeting the local Langley market, local statistics and demographics should be reflected in the web design. Langley has many unique factors that influence web design so the website delivers high traffic to sales conversion rates. Knowing the characteristics of your target businesses and residents in Langley brings focus to the design. At LeadHQ we analyze the demographics a company wants to reach before starting on the web design.

Here you will find a few of the Langley demographics you might want to consider when creating the concept for a new web design.

Langley Web Design Demographics

The Township and City of Langley has 140 thousand people and is a major trading and transportation hub in the Fraser Valley. Half the farms in Metro Vancouver are in Langley. These rural and industrial combinations can have a major impact when creating a unique Langley web design.

Langley has an average household income of almost $84 thousand, which is much higher than the Vancouver and Canadian average income. If targeting retail consumers then the design should be geared to consumers with higher disposable incomes. The rural and agricultural influence should also be considered in the web design.

Industries in Langley include plastics manufacturing, metal fabrication, clothing manufacturing, trucking, distribution, warehousing and fabrication shops. These and other industries account for 20% of the employment in Langley. Definite factors to consider when formulating your web design.

Langley is also a magnet for high-end luxury brands and big box retail in the lower mainland. Langley has one of the most active industrial and service based land usage in the lower mainland. Overall, Langley has a robust economy and a positive attitude that should be projected in the web design.

These are just a few of the demographics to consider when coming up with a high conversion web design. Of course the nature of your products and services must also be considered in any design.

Optimized Web Design

If you are in Langley and looking for a new website, consider LeadHQ. We offer cost effective websites that are optimized with advanced SEO. Our search engine friendly websites attract organic traffic and convert the traffic into sales with our optimized web design.

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