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Lead Generation Websites


Types of Lead Generation Websites

Lead generation websites generate more revenue with online sales leads. Abbotsford, Mission and the Fraser Valley companies can increase their online sales leads with our optimized websites. Higher traffic to sales conversions are also a standard feature with our LeadHQ lead generation websites.

LeadHQ lead generation websites have a proven track record of increasing our client's online presence, organic traffic and quality sales lead generation. Our Clients have experienced massive growth with our search engine optimized websites and lead generation.

Lead Generation Websites come in three basic flavours

There are basically three types of Lead Generation Websites:

PPC or Pay per Click Lead Generation Websites primarily focus on generating and converting paid traffic into leads. In some industries companies will use several websites to generate online leads. Online traffic is generated with paid search engine ads. While a PPC lead generation website creates traffic, the main disadvantage is the traffic stops once the advertising budget runs out. Lead conversion is critical for successful PPC lead generation websites.

Organic Lead Generation Websites rely on search engine optimization for lead generation. This includes on page and off page optimization. Instead of paying for positioning in the search engine results, an optimized website generates free or organic traffic. A much higher skill level is required to create successful organic lead generation websites.

Two thirds of people searching for a product or service on a search engine will click on an organic listing over a paid listing. The search engines rank pages and websites. The more relevant they consider a website to be, the higher it will appear in the organic search results. There are literally hundreds of factors the search engines use when ranking lead generation websites.

Organic lead generation websites with a PPC component are a good way to go for a new company, service or product. Websites with new domains take time to produce organic Page 1 search results. Another major factor is the existing competition level for leads in the target market. Normally paid key term ads are used to bring in traffic while a new website gains traction in the organic search results. Brand new companies should consider this type of lead generation.

Converting traffic into leads with
LeadHQ Lead Generation Websites

Getting traffic to websites is only part of lead generation. Lead generation websites need to sell the potential customer into taking action. Lead conversion is a deep topic and every industry has different conversion rates. What works in one industry may not work in another. We have Clients who are getting more than five times the average conversion rate in their industry. There are many reasons to consider LeadHQ lead generation websites.

Tired of not pulling in quality leads? Tired of having a website that is not making you any money? Tired of competitors stealing all your traffic and online leads? Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on our lead generation websites.