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Website Optimization


Website Optimization

Website optimization is critical for a website to deliver superior results you can put in the bank. We offer website optimization for Abbotsford, Mission and Fraser Valley companies to increase sales Optimized web design generates or attracts targeted organic traffic and increases sales conversion rates. LeadHQ specializes in website optimization.

Many companies have a dynamite looking website built but there without any thought about optimization. The cold hard reality is this: You can have the Taj Mohall of websites but without optimization very few people will ever see it. Optimized website design helps the search engines and potential customers find you. If you want your website to make money then you need website optimization.

Whether you need a new website or have an existing site that needs to be optimized, you should consider LeadHQ.

New Website Optimization

There are major long term advantages with website optimization. When a new website is created using optimization techniques it will resonate with the search engines. A website built with optimized website design tells the search engines exactly who you are, exactly what you do and how they should list your website for key search terms relating to your business. Getting your name out in front of potential customers is the main focus of website optimization.

Optimized website design also increase traffic to sales-lead ratios or conversions. Once a potential customer enters your site, optimized design should entice and guide your new customer through the sales process. Proper optimized design will also shorten your sales cycles. Optimized design is part of website optimization.

Existing Website Optimization

Optimizing an existing website is a lot different than building a brand new optimized website. In some cases the website architecture simply isn't conducive to website optimization. Sometimes it is more cost efficient to start from scratch than fiddle with a poorly built website.

In most cases we are able to optimize an existing website and get our customer's website to POP on the search engines. Every market has different competition levels. One of the first things we look at is whether the existing website structure will support the competition level in their industry. It would take a novel to detail out all the factors of an existing website that have to be considered in website optimization.

The best way to find out what you need to do is to give us a call or schedule a free consultation on website optimization.