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LeadHQ is a Mission web developer that specializes in search engine friendly web design. Our affordable web design packages and custom web design websites are sure to attract free organic traffic and increase your sales. We include SEO optimization with our optimized web design.

Web design is based on customer demographics. A web design that works in one industry can be a disaster in another industry. Web design must be tailored to the tastes and buying habits of your target market demographics. Geographic target markets, features and navigation must also be considered in the web design.

City demographics are the pillar of web design. When targeting a local city market online, it is important to know the environment where your target customer resides. Mission is no different. Below you will find just some of the demographics that influence sales conversion features and the look of your web design.

Mission Web Design Demographics

Responsive web design in mission is critical when targeting customers in Mission. The majority of Mission residents commute to other cities in the lower mainland so they are highly mobile. In order to reach these people on their smart phones and other mobile devices you need a website that responds to smaller screen resolutions. This is responsive web design. All our websites come with responsive web design.

Mission has a younger average age demographic than most cities which affects web design. Mission is a city in transition as more people move out from the Vancouver core. Even though Mission only has around 36 thousand people it is experiencing very strong growth. Age demographics are a major factor in web design.

Forestry and wood related industries are major players in the economy in Mission. Outdoor recreation is a big part of people's lives in Mission. Sport related industries are also popular. These and other demographics are just some of the elements that go into a web design.

Affordable Web Design

Check out our web design packages. We are located in Mission. We also offer custom web design and eCommerce website development. Give us a call or schedule a free consultation on web design.