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Abbotsford Web Design

Web design should be based on the demographics of your company's target market. We build and design optimized web sites for Abbotsford companies targeting the Fraser Valley and other markets. Abbotsford web design is based on unique demographics, which influence the development of your web site. LeadHQ can increase your organic traffic and increase sales conversions with our optimized web design.

There are many facets of web design and the most important facet is your customer demographics. In order to develop a web site that sticks, we research and expand on the general demographics of the Fraser Valley and Abbotsford. In Abbotsford the demographics are different from the rest of the Fraser Valley. The geographic target area is also an important factor in web design.

Abbotsford Web Design Demographics

Abbotsford is the fifth largest city in BC, with a population of over 140 thousand people. The dominant age demographics are 20 to 29 and 40 to 49 years in Abbotsford. These general stats have an impact on a true Abbotsford web design.

Did you know that the annual average household income is over 68 thousand dollars in Abbotsford? Over a quarter of the households in Abbotsford have an average annual income of over 100 thousand dollars. Almost 50% of Abbotsford residents have some post-secondary education, so there is definitely a need for intelligent web design.

Abbotsford has a diverse blend of cultures, each with their own unique preferences. Agricultural related industries are a major part of the Abbotsford economy. City in the Country is the perfect description of the unique culture in Abbotsford. A City's culture is just another demographic that goes into web design.

If a company is only targeting Abbotsford and the Fraser Valley these and other demographics must be incorporated into the web design. One of our Abbotsford Clients has increased their revenues by well over 200% with our demographic web design.

Organic Web Design

If you are in Abbotsford or the Fraser Valley then you should consider LeadHQ for web design. We are located just across the bridge in Mission. We are a full service web application development company. Find out how affordable quality organic web design can be. Give us a call or schedule a free no obligation consultation on Abbotsford web design.