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SEO ecommerce and On Page SEO

SEO ecommerce websites are search engine friendly websites with on page SEO. Ecommerce websites with proper on page SEO attract more consistent organic traffic and sales because they are search engine friendly. On page SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the rain maker behind SEO ecommerce.

The search engines have set guidelines on how websites should be structured. In order to analyze a website the search engines use algorithms that based on their constantly changing guidelines. On page SEO or Search Engine Optimization provides the search engines with structured information to increase the odds of better positioning in free or organic search engine results. Free or organic traffic is the primary goal of SEO ecommerce.

SEO ecommerce sites use search engine optimization techniques so the search engines can better read and analyze websites. More detail in the right format enables the search engines to get a better idea about the products and services being sold on a website. This translates into higher positioning in the organic search engine results. Unlike paid positioning, click throughs from organic search engine listings are free and displayed 24/7. Organic traffic generates higher quality leads than paid listings, which is yet another bonus of SEO ecommerce.

SEO ecommerce costs and advantages

SEO ecommerce websites cost more to build then do it yourself template ecommerce websites. 90% of the ecommerce platforms have none or minor SEO features. This is why most ecommerce websites have to compensate for poor or nonexistent SEO with paid positioning and paid advertising to generate traffic and customers. Over a period of 2 or 3 years the costs of paid advertising will dwarf the cost of proper SEO ecommerce. Lower long term costs are the major cost advantage of professional SEO ecommerce.

The search engines use hundreds of factors when analyzing and listing website pages in their organic search engine results. This is why ecommerce websites that rely on pay per click or paid advertising are cheaper to build than SEO ecommerce websites.

Confused about SEO ecommerce?

You are not the only one. SEO ecommerce takes years to master and the search engines are constantly changing the rules. If you would like to now more give us a call or take advantage of our free no obligation consultation on SEO ecommerce.