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SEM - Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a general term for a type of internet marketing. SEM involves market research and SEO techniques to increase paid and-or organic traffic referrals from the search engines. Targeting the right demographics or users with paid and organic search results to increase quality traffic to a website is the goal of SEM.

SEO is a specialized field of SEM. Many companies concentrate and spend on the design of a website without any thought to SEO or SEM. The end result is a pretty site with poor visibility in the search engines. However, poor search engine visibility can be solved with SEM.

SEM with high conversion rates

SEM is critical in generating quality traffic to a website AND increasing conversion rates. Converting website traffic into tangible sales is another factor in SEM. Generating search engine traffic is the main objective of SEM. However, most websites do not consider proper sales conversion strategies when putting together a strategy for SEM.

Serious potential buyers use the search engines to research and buy products and services. Two thirds of users will click on organic search links compared to the one third that will click on paid search links or listings. As a rule, organic traffic has higher traffic to sales conversion rates than paid traffic. Finding the right combination of paid and organic traffic is a major factor in SEM.


SEM can deliver a high ROI, or return on investment with professional. SEM and SEO are subject to constant change by the search engines. In regards to organic SEM the search engines use hundreds of algorithms and other factors to index and rank a web page in the search engine results. This is why DIY, or Do It Yourself, SEM usually turns a website into an expensive money pit. It takes years to master SEM.

Do not make the mistake of trying to do it yourself if you have no knowledge of SEM. The purpose of a business website is to make money. SEM will make or break the results.

Increase revenues with SEM

SEM can have a positive impact on profitability. More traffic and sales conversions translates in to higher revenues. There are all sorts of SEM statistics when analyzing traffic and sales but the most important statistic is how much net bankable cash a website produces with SEM.

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