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Organic Traffic vs Paid Traffic

The pros and cons of PPC (Pay per Click) or paid traffic vs organic traffic. Companies face three basic choices for their website when it comes to paid and organic traffic. LeadHQ specializes in organic SEO to create organic traffic.

Organic search engine listings are free and displayed 24/7. PPC or paid listings are only displayed as long as you are paying. Sometimes the best solution is to use a combination of paid and organic traffic.

When is the best time to target organic traffic? The sooner the better, as every industry market has a window of opportunity or maturity. As the window closes it becomes more difficult to break into Page 1 and generate organic traffic.

There are three basic website traffic strategies when looking at the pros and cons of organic traffic.

Combination | Paid and Organic Traffic

A company creating a brand new website needs to decide if they want to pursue paid, organic or a strategy combining paid and organic traffic.

A short term strategy is to create a pretty site with no optimization. Traffic is generated primarily by paid traffic or none at all. However, once the company realizes the spiraling costs of PPCs, these types of websites usually turn into money pits devoid of organic traffic. If this type of website does not pay for paid traffic then odds are there will be little or no traffic.

The biggest downside of this strategy is most companies neglect to consider organic traffic for their commercial website. Websites that are not optimized are rarely search engine friendly and pathetic in generating organic traffic.

Paid traffic will help generate initial traffic until organic search results get traction and organic traffic. In the initial stages a new website can benefit from a combination of paid and organic traffic.

New Organic Traffic Only Website

Over the long term an optimized search engine friendly website generates consistent organic traffic. We have Clients that are reaping quality organic leads that would cost tens of thousands per month to duplicate with paid traffic. The main reason companies go the paid route is because of the higher initial costs in building and optimizing a website for organic traffic.

It usually takes a website three to six months to gain traction in the organic search engine results. A brand new website with a brand new domain can take longer to generate organic traffic.

Existing website

Most companies have already learned about the PPC treadmill. As markets mature, competition increases and the prices keep going up for key terms. Once you are totally addicted to Pay per Clicks and rely on certain traffic volumes you end up spending more money every month to get the same amount of traffic. Worst of all is when the money runs out your listing drops off the search engines and leads fall off a cliff.

When stuck on the PPC treadmill the longer you procrastinate the more it costs when common sense weans you off PPCs to organic traffic.

Other companies have a website built for another time and era. Maybe the site used to generate more traffic but static inactivity over time and new search engine rules now relegate the site to the back pages. Even worse, when a potential customer does visit their website they are greeted with an obsolete image of efficiency. Your online presence and website is the first impression a potential customer gets. Little things influence a potential customer's impression of your company and what to expect.

A good example of this is unsecure (No HTTPS) request forms. An unsecure form tells a potential customer who is tech savvy, that your Company lacks attention to detail. The only other explanation is the Company they may hire could care less if personal information is wide open and that there is a lack of respect for privacy.

All it takes is a few little mistakes and it is easy to lose blocks of potential customers. We never have a problem like the one above because our websites use secure forms. We respect a customer's right to privacy.

Ready for Organic Traffic?

Most companies realize they need to do something but procrastinate until the market and competition forces them to take organic web marketing seriously. In some cases a Company finally comes to the realization the print marketing does not deliver the results it used to.

Usually when a Company looks at getting a new website and boosting traffic it is long overdue. Explore your options with leadHQ and request a free consultation on generating organic traffic.