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Organic Search Engine Optimization

LeadHQ specializes in organic SEO including conversion optimization. If you are spending a lot of money every month on PPCs (pay-per-clicks), you might want to consider organic SEO. The long term costs of organic SEO are far lower than paid traffic. Paid traffic ROI pales in comparison to the return on organic SEO.
Organic Page 1 listings in the SERPS (search engine results pages) come with three basic advantages:
  • 2 out of 3 people click on the organic listings
  • Organic listings are displayed 24/7 and don't disappear when your budget runs out
  • Leads from organic traffic have a higher sales conversion rate than paid traffic

The days of DIY (Do It Yourself) SEO are long gone. Since the turn of this decade the search engines have continually tightened their algorithms to root out black hat SEO and spam to ensure their organic search results are as relevant as possible for end users. The bar for an organic Page 1 is much higher than it used to be and unless you are doing SEO every day, it is next to impossible to keep up with.

Search Engine Friendly

LeadHQ works with web developers and companies with, or without, web sites. We can take an existing site and make it search engine friendly. We have been doing organic SEO for over 20 years. We don't just THINK how the search engines work; we KNOW how the search engines work.

Sound familiar? When you had your web site built SEO was an afterthought and you decided to worry about it later. It doesn't take you long to realize your web site isn't making any money. To compensate for the lack of organic SEO you start ploughing money into paid, or PPC traffic. But it soon becomes very apparent that PPCs are very expensive, plus the cost always seems to rise. Within a few months you are totally reliant on PPCs and stuck on a roller coaster of constantly raising your PPC budget to get the same amount of paid traffic. LeadHQ can get you off the roller coaster and eliminate or reduce your PPC costs.

Results You Can Put In The Bank

The bottom line is we get results. In fact, most small businesses we optimize for experience a 200-400% increase in organic traffic and a healthy revenue boost, within a year of optimization. Every web site is different and market competitiveness is a major factor. We can analyze the search engine friendliness of your suggest present web site and possible solutions in terms you can understand.

Getting traffic to a web site is only part of the equation for a profitable web site. Converting the traffic into more sales you can deposit in the bank is what conversion optimization is all about. Sometimes a few simple tweaks can double or triple your sales leads. A professional web site should sell a potential customer on your services and-or products , while luring them into making a decision and taking action.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Every situation is different. In some cases we can optimize a web site in days. Some web sites simply cannot be optimized, as the entire SEO architecture (plus a lot of other factors) is wrong and the site would cost more to fix than replace.

If you want results like the ones listed below give us a call, or use our simple contact form.

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  • "Within 6 months we got the following results: Year over Year Sessions are up by 109%. Year over Year Uniques are up by 98%. We now have total dominance in the organic search results.
    AL - VP Operations
  • "Our old site simply wasn't bringing in leads and making money. A year later our new site is generating a consistent flow of leads that is steadily growing. Year over Year our traffic is up by 339%. The new site more than paid for itself in a couple of months."
    JN - Owner
  • "Here we are 8 months later and I'm now literally getting 10 times the amount of leads I did with the old site. Our conversions statistics are way above the industry standard. The old site just had a few Page 1s. Now it is hard to keep track of the Page 1s. Also, most the Page 1s are on the key terms that actually make money or as they define it, money ball key terms."
    FS - Owner
  • "Over the last three years we have seen our website go from a few organic page 1s to literally hundreds on the search engines. Search engine optimization is one of the best moves we ever made. The phone is ringing and we get a steady stream of leads every month. What we really like about the search engine optimization is the high percentage of quality targeted leads. We have a 78% conversion rate on our online sales leads"
    BL - CEO
  • "Within a week, I noticed a big difference. I was surprised at how many new customers I was getting! It was incredibly worth it. If you are going to do just one thing for advertisement, do just that one thing"
    CL - RD
  • "A year after our new web site our traffic is up by 400%. We have gone from the odd Page 1 to hundreds. Revenues are way up and we are expanding. The only thing that bothers me is the money we wasted on pay per clicks with the old site."
    JH - Owner
  • "Just keeping up with the constant flow of leads no longer leaves any time for cold calls. Not a bad problem to have. Our business has grown substantially and the consistent organic leads and phone calls have definitely contributed to our success."
    BL - Owner